In Mexico one of the mountains covered with a huge inscription with the call to read the Bible

“Bible mountain” in Mexico

The phrase “Ciudad Juarez, the truth in the Bible, read it”, located on the mountain, pretends to get into the Guinness book of records.

In Mexico on “Biblical mount” inscription with the call to read the Scriptures can enter the Guinness book of records, reports Faithwire.

“Bible mountain” is located near the city of Ciudad Juarez, which is considered the capital of criminal groups involved in drug trafficking. Due to conflicts between criminal gangs in the city constantly clashes. According to data for 2010, the city accomplished 3 murders per 1000 people per year.

In this regard, the leaders of Evangelical organizations operating in the city, decided to appeal to local residents calling for an end to violence and begin to live in harmony with the Bible. In 1987 they struck the mountain a huge inscription “Ciudad Juarez, the truth in the Bible, read it”, and the height of each letter was less than 50 meters. Last week this inscription cleansed and renewed through the whitewash activists and residents of the city. The event was attended by about 2 thousand people.

Now local residents want to make their sights in the Guinness book of records in four categories: (1) the great call for reading the Bible; (2) the biggest area of the inscription, which occupies as much as 30 thousand square meters; (3) the largest number of the founders of the label, and (4) the large letters of the inscription.

The priest of one of the parishes in Ciudad Huereca, Gabriel Andavano believes that the most important thing, of course, not vain records, and important spiritual mission of this appeal. The pastor admitted that many come to him for confession, because that’s what the call on the mountain forced them to read the Scriptures.

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