In Moscow, founded a Missionary society in the name of the Martyr Nicholas Vajanskeho

5 September 2018 the Church remembered the 100th anniversary of the martyrdom of the missionary layman Nicholas Vajanskeho. In the beginning of the century the Martyr diligently served God with his missionary labors, and in times of persecution, were faithful to Christ even unto death. By the grace of God, this month was formed a Missionary society in the name of the Martyr Nicholas Vajanskeho.

“Detailed acquaintance with the life and writings of the Martyr Nicholas inspired us, a small initiative group of missionaries to create a Missionary society in his name, says the head of the company Dmitry Zakharkin. – By the time each of us already had experience of missionary work in the different wards, and we decided to combine our efforts.”


Under his caring wing of the new Missionary society have a Church of new Martyrs and Confessors of Russia in Strogino. It should be noted that this parish is actively engaged in educational and catechetical work. The forces of the temple produced an impressive number of information materials on various aspects of Church life, and on the great festivals on the street at metro parishioners organize the distribution of Orthodox literature, test people on the knowledge of the basics of the Orthodox faith and the tea party.

Currently the Missionary society in the name of muchnick Nicholas Vajanskeho implements several educational and missionary projects. On Sundays, head of the Missionary society meets on the Scriptures for the interpretation of the Holy fathers, as well as classes on “the Basics of missionary service”. After discussions, the missionaries of the society come to the street preaching in the square, near the temple.


In addition, members of the Missionary society preach in various social and religious groups, and organize mission trips, interfaith debates, publish missionary materials. In company plans – creation of the Center for Church rehabilitation of persons who have fallen away from Orthodoxy.

“Usually we have a very rich Sundays: Liturgy, meeting with the Holy Word, the missionary honing skills in the classroom, prayer actually practical mission, says a member of the Missionary society responsible for information service Daniil Bulavin. – Without practice the missionary is only one name, so we try as early as possible to enable our aspiring preachers in the missions. Of course, under the guidance of more experienced brothers and sisters.”

Become a member of the Missionary society in the name of the Martyr Nicholas Vajanskeho can any Orthodox Christian or a Christian of any age residing in any city. Key terms: regular participation in the Sacraments and confession of aminosalicylate Orthodox Church.

At the time, the main primary difference of missionary service from other obediences in the Church formulated the Hieromartyr Onuphrius (Gagalyuk): “to Help people in trouble – a Holy, glorious work. To save life from danger is even higher. But there is more great and important things in the world to save the human soul from sin and eternal damnation and to present Christ to God the blessed and endless life in the Kingdom of heaven.”

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