In Moscow hosted a press-conference of the XV International Charitable film festival “Radiant angel”


On 29 October in the press center of TASS held a press-conference devoted to the XV International Charitable film festival “Radiant angel”.

The event was attended by Archpriest Dmitry Roshchin, co-chair of the organizing Committee of the XV International charitable film festival “Radiant angel”, head of Department on work with public associations and organizations of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media of the Moscow Patriarchate, Mikhailichenko Alexander, Director of the culture Fund socially-cultural initiatives, Archpriest Vladimir Volgin, Chairman of the Spiritual Advisory Council of the festival, rector of the Church of Sophia Premudrosti of God in secondary Gardener, Pavlova, Irina, expert for selection of feature films, film critic, film critic, writer, teacher, PhD, Krasavina Natalia head of the project “international Charitable film festival “Radiant angel”, Miroshnichenko, Sergei V., Russian filmmaker and screenwriter, teacher, Professor, and crew of the films of the competition program “From the bottom to the top” and “angel’s sore throat.” The moderator of the press conference were Pashkin Alexander, press-Secretary of Fund socially-cultural initiatives, who noted that the main difference of the festival is that all the pictures declared in the program, considering the Spiritual Advisory Council.

Archpriest Vladimir Volgin, as the Chairman of the expert Council of the Spiritual spoke about his impression of the viewed paintings: “In this year of the depression, which was noted in previous years, often intertwined with some wicked moments, gone. There were many beautiful and meaningful films.”

Archpriest Dmitry Roshchin expressed special gratitude to the team of the festival and spoke about its development: “the Very existence of the festival, his success with the film industry, spectators, youth, suggests that the Church and society is not so divided as it may seem at first glance. The festival is a very important bridge in this complex and contradictory communication. The festival grows with each year getting more and more orders, he has a great future”.

According to festival Director, Alexander V. Mikhailichenko, “the Motto of the festival until last year was the motto “Good movies are coming back”. To date, given that the festival declared more than 400 paintings, the organizers decided to change the motto to “Good movie”.

Head of the project “international charitable film festival “Radiant angel” Natalia Krasavina told about the program of the festival, which this year is held under the auspices of the year of the volunteer (volunteer) in Russia, the Cross Year of culture of Japan and Russia, Years of ballet in Russia, Decades of Childhood in the Russian Federation (years 2018-2027), and timed to the tragic date of the 100th anniversary of the execution of the Royal family and the 75th anniversary of defeat of fascist troops in Stalingrad and Kursk battles. In one of the programs of the festival included the documentary film by Sergei Miroshnichenko and angelina Golikova Bottom. On a press-conferences Sergey Miroshnichenko told about the creation of the film, in which it raised a disturbing problem of betrayal that is revealed on the example of the February revolution.


Curator of the program a full meter, film critic and film critic Irina Pavlova, shared their impressions about the selection process: “I Worked hard, took “distilled”. But it was enough for the contest, children’s contest, non-competitive program. Thanks to the festival. I last year was a member of the jury, this year with pleasure has agreed to become a selector. And the truth is this festival different from all the “shared with” and it’s good.”

At the end of the press conference were representatives of the production teams of films of the competition program of the festival. The opening film of the festival declared the picture “From the bottom to the top.” Her producer Tamara Tsotsoria Guramovna told about the difficult path of painting, established for over 5 years. “From the bottom to the top” – a story based on real events of the Russian Paralympian. One of the prototypes of the film was an athlete-Paralympic athlete, multiple world champion Alexey Everyday. He said: “the Skepticism was huge, it’s hard to show it all in 1.5 hours. During the show I was expecting “failure,” but at the end I couldn’t find the words. I did not expect such effect. There are very few such films, the theme is complex in its depth. To reflect her deep, spiritual and beautiful – a difficult task with which Directors and producers have completely mastered it.”

The competition program of the festival also included feature film “an angel sore throat” production “white Media” with the participation of “Central partnership” and NTV, filmed with the support of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. The film’s producer, General producer of the company “white Media” Yulia Sumacheva talked about 9-year journey of the film based on the novel by Vadim Shefner, “Sister sorrow”, which fell into the hands of the team about 9 years ago. Julia Sumacheva said: “the main task of the film: to show that the most important thing in our lives – love.” Director: Oksana Karas said that she initially lucky with the producers of the picture, with the team that initiated the creation of the film. According to the Director, “there is nothing more difficult than to film good literature, but you need to be honest in the moment… despite the fact that the film takes place in the 40-s and 60-ies, on the inside we are all the same, and it is important to show you.” The Director noted the enormous contribution of screenwriter Dmitry Novoselov and wonderful star cast: Maria Krylova, Seeds Treskunov, Yuliya Aug, Daniil Steklov, Irina Pegawai, Evgeny Tsyganov, Nikolai Fomenko. Actress Maria Krylova told about the experience on the project: “My character, as I was looking for the boundaries of good and evil. Very well that is analyzed today in our cinema.”

In 2018, the festival was declared 402 films from 21 countries. To participate selected 178 paintings from 15 countries: Russia, Abkhazia, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, UAE, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, France, and Japan. In the competition program consisted of 70 films in the following categories: full-length feature films, short films, documentaries, animation. In the competition program will feature 75 films. In the framework of the retrospective screenings the audience will see 33 pictures. In total, the festival brings together 59 works debut, including 36 debuts in the competition program.

International Charitable film festival “Radiant angel” is held under the patronage of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Comprehensive target program “Spiritually-moral culture of rising generation of Russia”, the President of Fund socially-cultural initiatives Svetlana Medvedeva. The spiritual guardian of the film festival – his Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. The project Fund for social and cultural initiatives, the Centre spiritually-moral culture “Cover” with the financial support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and the Department of media and advertising of Moscow.

Detailed information about the festival and its programme can be found on the festival website.

The opening ceremony of the XV International Charity film festival “Radiant angel” will be held on 01 November 2018 in the cinema “October” street New Arbat, 24. Beginning at 18.00. The arrival and passage of the press from 17.00 to 17.30.

Applications for press accreditation will be accepted until October 31, 2018. The application shall specify the name, passport data (series and passport number), full date and place of birth, full name media contact phone number media representative.

Media accreditation: +7(903)994-79-35, [email protected] (Julia).

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