In Moscow opened a help Center for families and children


14 August 2018, the feast of the origin (iznesenie) Honest trees Holy cross, Metropolitan Krutitsky and Kolomna Juvenaly led a Liturgy in the Spassky Church in the village of Andreevka reports patriarhiei.

Patriarchal vicar of the Moscow diocese concelebrated: Archpriest of the churches Solnechnogorsk district Archpriest Antony Chirkov, balashikhinskiy district Dean Archpriest Dimitry Murzakov responsible for family matters, protection of motherhood and childhood in Moscow diocese Archpriest Alexander Krahl, prior Spasskogo khrama ieromonah Nikolay (he), Solnechnogorskiy clergy of the deanery.

Metropolitan Juvenal made a priestly ordination cleric of the Kazanskogo khrama g. Reutova deacon Vyacheslav Vlasov. Chants of the Liturgy were performed by the choir of Solnechnogorsk of the deanery under the control of the Marina Tikovoi.

Praying at the service were head of the Solnechnogorsk district A. A. Churakov.

At the Ambon prayer, a procession took place, after which the Patriarchal vicar consecrated honey. Then the Bishop and clergymen bowed Honest and life-giving Cross of the Lord.

After the service, Metropolitan Juvenal welcomed by the Dean of the churches Solnechnogorsk district Archpriest Antony Chirkov:

“Your Eminence, our dear Lord and father!

With joy and FILIAL gratitude, we welcome You to our land Solnechnogorsk. We are pleased that this visit, like many, You are in our diocese, began with the Eucharistic communion. Today for us is joy, because we meet our beloved Archpastor and father, the blessing which accomplished great things on our Suburban land. Revived churches, a growing number of parishioners, the blessed memory of the Holy new martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church. To date, 18 of the new martyrs glorified Solnechnogorsk. Are the days of their memory books about their exploits published and are in every secondary school in our area. Revived the memory of ancient saints of our land, the brothers Sokolovsky: Tikhon, Basil and Nikon, who lived in the XVI century near Andreevka.

We are pleased, Lord, to welcome You. Your visit to us is always a great joy. We thank You for being such mercy, such love to our earth. I ask You to take a gift from our deanery dikiri and trikiri that will remind You about our today’s joint prayer.”

Welcoming Vladyka Yuvenaly was addressed by the rector, hieromonk Nicholas (he):

“Your Eminence, merciful and gracious father!

Today our parish a special joy: celebrate 340 years since that day in the temple, the day of the feast of Iznesenie the honored tree of the cross, was made the first divine Liturgy. This temple is one of the few that don’t close even in suffering for the Church in Soviet times. But we know, Lord, that You care not only about the temples in which worship takes place, but also about those who stand in ruins. In 2014, the Charity Fund of the Moscow diocese for the restoration of destroyed Holy sites, where You together with the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Yurievich Vorobiev try to help churches that are particularly in need of assistance. Many of them are monuments of history and architecture, is now restored thanks to Your care. And we, dear Lord, from our parish, we ask you to accept this liturgical gospel and the Apostle, in order that You can submit to one of the restored temples. We ask, Lord, for Your prayers and blessings.”

Metropolitan Juvenal addressed the worshippers with his archpastoral homily:

“Dear Andrey! Father Dean! Father Abbot, Reverend fathers! Dear brothers and sisters!

With great joy I visit your parish, which has long been in love and know here the sacred place. I heartily congratulate you and remind you that before the feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God we for two weeks have a strict fast in honor of the mother of God, because we are trying to repeat the feat of the Mother of God, that Their lives spent in prayers and fasting. We have great consolation in the face of the Queen of Heaven Who prays for us to Her Son and God of all who is drawn to Her.

Almost every Sunday in the Moscow region, performed the consecration of the restored temples, but what we have done is a drop in the ocean, because Charity Fund, mentioned by father Nikolay, has restored a total of nine temples, but there are still 245 churches that are in ruins. So we ask your prayers that during the life we have been able to return these churches to the faithful. But for you, I am very glad that you are here and the ancient the temple of God, and good priests.

Today after Liturgy we will bless charity complex, which was built in order to help poor women and poor people, and I’m glad that there are committed and work for the spiritual enlightenment”.

In attention to the works on the construction of the house of clergy and the care Center family and children Metropolitan Juvenal presented the rector of the Church, hieromonk Nicholas (He) medal of Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow, where he was awarded his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill.


Metropolitan Juvenal welcomed the head of the Solnechnogorsk district A. A. Churakov: “Your Eminence! You said that you have to restore another 245 temples, and I will remind You that in his speech ten years ago, You said that these temples were over a thousand. Today we see what a great job You have done. I would like to thank You for what You have done Liturgy at the patronal feast, and give a gift for worship in the restored temples”.

A. A. Churakov gave Patriarchal vicar of the Eucharistic vessels.

On the same day, Metropolitan Yuvenaly visited the baptismal Church of the sign in the village of Blue, for the altar which offered funeral prayer on the buried in this place the parents of the Martyr Alexis Smirnov — Protopriest Sergius and Matushka Alexandra.


Then Metropolitan Juvenal, benefactors, head of the Solnechnogorsk district, and the clergy moved to a newly built house of clergy and the care Center for families and children. With the numerous amount of local residents, His Eminence opened and consecrated the monument to unborn children.


On behalf of the benefactors of the Archpastor was welcomed by the co-founder of GK “Sibpromstroy” V. A. Kozhayev, who gave His Eminence a symbolic key to the building.

After the speeches of the head of Solnechnogorsky district A. Churakova and the Deputy of Moscow regional Duma A. N. Voloshkina addressed Metropolitan Juvenal:

“Dear friends!

I am happy that we live in a blessed time, when nothing separates us. Moreover, we see an example of what unites us: the creation and love for people. The first time I see such a monument. Without tears it is impossible to look at him. We know that thousands and thousands of young women kill their children in the womb. Let this monument will remind them of their Holy maternal duties.

I want to thank the builders who not only make the construction of these buildings, but on a charitable basis to build such a center, where you will find shelter, people in need of assistance. Thank you all for that. And may the Lord preserve you for many years!”

Vladyka Yuvenaly was handed Patriarchal and diocesan awards to the benefactors and builders of the centre. Co-founder of the group of companies “Sibpromstroy” N. To. Storozhuk has been awarded Patriarchal diplomas; co-founder of the group of companies “Sibpromstroy” Kozhayev V. A. — the order of Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow, III degree; co-founder of a limited liability Zhilino A. G. Tarasov, the order of St. Seraphim of Sarov III degree; Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tver house-building plant S. A. Tarasov — the order of St. Seraphim of Sarov III degree; co-founder of a limited liability Zhilino V. Y. Bychkov — Patriarchal letter of commendation. Medals of the Moscow diocese “For the sacrificial labors” of the I degree was awarded to: General Director of OOO “Sibzhilstroy” M. U. Chekhoev and chief engineer “Sibzhilstroy” V. I. Bacon medal of the Moscow diocese “For the sacrificial labors” of the III degree — Deputy General Director for technical Affairs, LLC “Sibpromstroy Muscovy” M. V. Timoshpolsky.

Then Metropolitan Yuvenaly performed the rite of consecration of the building. Hieromonk Nicholas (he) conducted a tour of the house of clergy and the care Center for families and children.

The house of clergy and the care Center family and children laid with the blessing of Metropolitan Juvenal in 2015. Its area is 2500 sq. m. Construction and landscaping completed in 2018. All rooms are equipped with furniture and appliances. In addition to the help Center for families and children here are parochial elementary schools, child development center for preschoolers, a memorial room of St. Alexy Smirnov, lecture hall, dining room and kitchen, bakery and proforma, apartments for families of clergy, administrative and technical premises.

The focus of work of the center is to help mothers with children and pregnant women who are in difficult life situation. This is the first in the diocese relevant facility specially built to provide social and psychological assistance with accommodation. Seven rooms can accommodate guests, each room has everything necessary for mother and child. The center will create a movement for the protection of motherhood and childhood. There is a medical office, psychologist’s office, room mother and child, facilities for employees and volunteers. On a hectare of land in addition to the Church building is located: the Park and technical area, Parking, sports field for playing football and basketball, three playgrounds, a bandstand, a monument to unborn children. The center was built with funds of the co-founders of GK “Sibpromstroy” N. To. Storozhuk, V. A. Kozhayeva, and A. G. and A. S. Tarasov.

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