In Moscow opened the first spiritually-sports club at the Church


In the Metropolitan Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh on Khodynka field opened the spiritual-athletic club (downtown) “Andrey Oslyabya”, which became the first part of a major program for the creation of sports clubs in the Orthodox churches of Russia.

This program is implemented in cooperation with Movement “forty times Forty” and of the Patriarchal Commission for physical culture and sports, reports Фома.Ru with reference to the press service of the “forty by Forty”.


Took part in the opening of the club, the Metropolitan of Ryazan and Mikhailovskoye was Marcpower a parallel between the ways athlete and an Orthodox Christian. The first is to win through penance, hard work, overcoming, and the second too. But if the first follows this path a short sporting life, the second goes to the victory of the spirit until death.

In turn, the Bishop of Bronnitsy Paramon noticed that the Russian soldiers have always been famous for not only strength, but the spirit that gave the opportunity to defeat a stronger opponent.


“Playing sports at temples, the children will receive not only sports and physical training but will also receive pastors of churches, be brought up on the examples of their great countrymen, and in accordance with the traditional and Patriotic values,” — noted in the Movement “forty times Forty”.


A joint program of the Movement “forty times Forty” and of the Patriarchal Commission for physical culture and sport, adopted in June 2018, envisages the creation of a spiritually-sports (clubs) centers for Orthodox churches, in which young people in addition to sports skills will be able to acquire moral and spiritual experience, to escape from a socially disadvantaged environment and to socialize in the society.

Photo by press service of the Movement “forty times Forty”

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