In Moscow restored the temples of the Nativity monastery


In Moscow restored the facades of two old temples and a princely tomb in the territory of the Christmas convent, RIA Novosti reported citing the website of the municipality.

It is the Cathedral of the XVI century, built by order of Ivan III, crypt of princes Lobanov-Rostovsky of the XVII century and Church of St. John Chrysostom XVII-XVIII centuries. They all have the status of monuments of culture, the report States.

As noted therein, buildings included in a single architectural ensemble built in the style of suburb churches and the early Moscow architecture. Restoration work was carried out from 2017.


The monastery of the Nativity located on the corner of Rozhdestvenka street and Rozhdestvensky Boulevard. The monastery was founded in 1386, on the banks of the river Neglinnaya. This is one of the most ancient convents of Moscow.

Cathedral of the XVI century, consists of a Central temple, a chapel and a covered porch. He was many times rebuilt and replenished with new parts. For example, the porch designed by the famous architect of the XIX-XX centuries, Fyodor Schechtel.


The Church of St. John Chrysostom is known since the XVII century. It was originally of wood, then erected a stone building with five domes in the style of the suburb churches. From the first stone of the building was preserved complex of brick cornices, a series of arches on the drums of the domes, frames and arches on the facades. Now in the Church concluded the first phase of restoration work will continue in 2019, according to the website of the municipality.

The tomb of princes Lobanov-Rostovsky was built in 1670 and in the eighteenth century completed the second floor.


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