In Moscow robbed the temple of Elijah the Prophet


The temple of Elijah the Prophet in Cherkizovo in the East of Moscow was robbed in the night from Sunday to Monday unknown, told RIA Novosti the rector and Vice-Chancellor of the Moscow Patriarchate Archimandrite Savva (Tutunov).

“It happened tonight. Midnight, the inspection of the temple guard on duty and everything was normal,” said the Abbot.

That the temple has been infiltrated by hackers, according to him, was discovered in the early morning. The attackers apparently entered the temple through one of the Windows, broke open the jail, said the Abbot.

“With three revered icons — the Kazan icon of the Mother of God, icons of the Theotokos “unexpected Joy” and the icon of St. Matrona of Moscow — made ornaments donated believers in gratitude for the help through the prayers of these icons. Also took the contents of two boxes for donations,” — said Archimandrite Savva.

Donations gathered on the needs of the Sunday school and flowers to decorate the Church, which was already preparing for the patronal feast day of the Prophet Elijah (2 August).

In the morning in the temple are criminologists, said the Abbot. He added that within the Church and at the camera.

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