In Moscow, the prayer honored the memory of Archpriest Valentin Amfiteatrov


2 August 2018 at the cemetery Vagankovsky prayer honored the memory of Archpriest Valentin Amfiteatrov, according to the Diocese. This year marks 110 years since the death of the famous Moscow pastor and preacher.

Hundreds of people came to the divine Liturgy at the Church of the Resurrection, after which there was a procession to the tomb of father Valentine. Here a memorial service was held.

The funeral service was led by the Governor of the vysoko-Petrovsky stauropegial monastery, rector of the Church of the Resurrection, hegumen Peter (Eremeev).

Before the memorial service, hegumen Peter addressed the faithful with a sermon.

* * *

Valentin Amfiteatrov was born 1 (14) September, 1836, in the village High in the province of Orel. He came from a prominent priests, who gave the Russian Church such prominent bishops as Metropolitan Filaret of Kiev and the Archbishop of Kazan Anthony. After graduating from the theological Seminary and Academy (1860) Valentin Amphiteatrov was ordained a presbyter and served in the Kaluga province. Was superintendent of the theological school in Mishevski, then rector of the Church Polivanovskiy Seminary in Moscow, 1874 — rector of the Constantine and Helen Church, close to the Spassky gate of the Kremlin, and in 1892 was appointed rector of the Kremlin Archangel Cathedral.

An outstanding preacher and Confessor, father Valentin drew in Moscow churches a lot of people.

In 1902 Valentin lost his sight, but forced the shutter, little has changed in tradiciskai the life of a shepherd in an apartment on the banks of the Moscow river, and later in the Moscow Ochakovo arrived and came thousands of people, the priest confessed, dictated letters, sermons.

Later books were published Archpriest Valentin Amfiteatrov “Spiritual conversations spoken in the Moscow Archangel Cathedral in the years 1896-1902” (1909), “Sunday gospel. A collection of sermons” (1910), “essays on the Bible stories of the old Testament. From Joshua until the reign of David” (1910) and others.

20 July (2 August) 1908, father Valentin died. He was buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky. In the fall of 1990, the tomb of the Archpriest Valentin Amfiteatrov, desecrated in 30 years, was restored and blessed by the rector of the cemetery Church.

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