In Moscow will pass a concert devoted to memory of Saint Ludmila of Bohemia

The center of the Russian abroad named after Alexander Solzhenitsyn, together with the Representation of the Orthodox Church of the Czech lands and Slovakia invites September 23, 2018 at a concert dedicated to the memory of Saint Ludmila of Bohemia (16/29 September).

In the concert will participate: the choir of the Sretensky theological Seminary, laureates of international contests Maxim Zolotarenko (cello) and Evelyn cruit (piano). Will be performed canticles from St. Ludmila of Czech, as well as works by Czech and Russian composers of the XIX century: A. dvořák, I. E. Kondrashkina, M. I. Glinka, P. I. Tchaikovsky.

Saint Ludmila, the first Czech Saint and Martyr who became the patroness of his native Bohemia and the patron of grandmothers, mothers and Christian educators and Christian teachers. Her honor, especially in Central Europe: in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and also in Germany, Austria, France and, of course, in many Slavic countries. However, nowhere there are so many women wearing the glorious Holy name of Lyudmila, as we have in Russia. Many Russian women are seen and see it as their heavenly patroness. Firm faith, a Holy life and a Martyr Saint Ludmila became a Christian example for his grandson Vyacheslav, who in the future, despite the pagan environment and the influence of the mother, will be pious Prince, will return to his country on the path to Christian enlightenment will take the remains of St Ludmila of Cetina in Prague at the Church of St. George at Prague castle (where they lie to this day), where he is now from which comes many signs and wonders, and ultimately, he will accept martyrdom for Christ.

The feat of St. Ludmila relevant in our time. And today, almost every believer is called to preach Christ, first and foremost, in their own family, not only with words, but with all my life. Our patience and love will not be in vain, if we are firm in the faith as a Holy Martyr Ludmila of Bohemia.

  • Date: 23 September 2018 at 15:00
  • The house of Russian abroad named after Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The great hall
  • Our address: Moscow, ul Nizhnyaya radishchevskaya, d. 2 Directions: m. “Taganskaya” (ring)Tel: (495) 098-51-93
  • Admission is free

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