In Moscow will restore Danilovsky monastery

Trinity Church

Danilovsky monastery in Moscow, founded in the late XIII century, has been restored, according to the website of the municipality. This work will be in three buildings on the territory of the monastery: in a fraternal body, Trinity Church and rectory. The Moscow’s Department has issued a permit for the development of the restoration project.

“Danilovsky monastery is an object of cultural heritage of Federal importance. For starters, experts will study the history of the monastery according to the archival documents and bibliographic research, as well as engineering and technical features of structures in its territory. Then will be formed draft restoration project taking into account the historical, architectural and constructive solutions used in the construction of buildings. We will work out measures to ensure fire safety of the monument”, — said the head of the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow Alexey Emelyanov.

The fraternity building (building 22, building 4) is a two-story stone structure, designed in the style of the Moscow classicism. The main facade is located opposite the Holy gates. The stone Church of the Trinity (the house 22, building 1) is designed with a dome in the style of late Russian classicism. In the 1930-ies of the Trinity Cathedral was closed, its interior is redesigned. In the end I lost even the porticoes of the North and South facades. In 1980-ies the Church was restored: its interior recreated in the form close to the original. And the house of the Abbot (building 22, building 6) has an l-shaped configuration. The three-story building (third floor was added in the NINETEENTH century) is parallel to the southern wall of the Holy gate. In the 1819-1820 years, the deanery was rebuilt, the upper floor of the building made of white stone. In the second half of the NINETEENTH century in the monastery carried out the repair and renovation of old buildings, in 1888, was added to the building stone vestibule with a staircase inside.

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