In one Church, where the shooting took place “Via”, under threat of destruction

Holy Gergiev’s Church in Sedniv


St. George’s Church in Sedniv is a monument of architecture of XVIII century, and more than 10 years during every rain it filled with water.

According to the rector of the Church, the problem is the incomplete reconstruction of the Church, according to “Hour Cherniki”.

The rector of St. George Church, father Timon was videotaped as during a rainstorm in Sedniv wooden Church was flooded again.

The mother of the Abbot, Tamara Blanace, says the problem arose over 10 years ago, when, as here, began a restoration that was never completed.

According to Alexander Dmitruk, head of Department of town planning and architecture of regional state administration, the money for the restoration of the Church yet, but they will keep the situation under control. ‘ve already created a sheet and doing other documentation.

The Church of St. George (St. George) in the small town of Sedna (1745) – Cossack wooden Church built without a single nail is one of the unique works of Ukrainian folk architecture.

Holy Gergiev’s Church in Sedniv became widely known due to the fact that there was a filming of the famous Soviet horror film “Viy” based on the novel of Nikolai Gogol.

What and how was it made – there are three versions.

First: the film was used only the frames of internal and external scenes were filmed in the village of Gorogly Forest Bogorodchany district of the Carpathians, which burned down in 2006.

Second: the Church took the initial survey, however, the working material was not liked by the management of “Mosfilm”, being “too realistic”, and all scenes were photographed in the scenery at the Studio in Moscow with the participation of the Director-storyteller Alexander Ptushko.

Third: one of the Central scenes of the film where the main character of the film industry attacks the hapless theologian Homa Brutus from flying coffin, removed still in this Church.

In addition, the Church has removed the fragments from the films “Grigory Skovoroda” and “Battalions ask fire”.

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