In Oslo the number of Muslim teachers was fired because he refused to touch women

The teacher refused to shake women’s hands for religious reasons

In Norway, teacher-Muslim lost his job after he refused to touch the female co-workers.

As stated by Bente Alfheym, headmaster “where to stay” where he worked as a teacher, he refused to shake hands with female employees, according to “Islam-today”.

It is noted that every time a Muslim explained that it was not out of disrespect, but solely for religious reasons.

The head of “Organization against public discrimination” the fourth official shows that Akhenaton de Leon noted that the dismissal may be output only if a religious practice interferes with the believer to do their work. “However, this case is quite different”, – he stressed.

Earlier, former foreign Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson has refused to apologize for joke about women in burkas, despite the request of the Chairman of the Conservative party. Johnson was offer criticism after he said that Muslim women in niqab, covering the head and face, “similar to a mailbox” and compared them to Bank robbers.

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