In Pakistan, Christians are deprived of the right to education and a good job

Christians in Pakistan are second-class citizens. They not only survive persecution. In a predominantly Muslim society, they fail to get a good education or a job. However, as the staff of the human rights organization “Voice of the martyrs”, it does not prevent them to worship Jesus Christ.

Today in Pakistan, some Christians are beaten, imprisoned and even killed for their faith in Christ. When the Islamic government ordinary Christians are second-class citizens. They are forced to serve the Muslims in humility.

It is the Pakistani members of your family in Christ. Pastor Pascal is a believer in this small community.

“Today, in Pakistan we Christians are second-class citizens” — sadly says he.

“Although we have not committed any crimes, we were expelled and dropped to the lowest level of society,” says John, the garbage collector.

“Often we are forced to leave our villages and homes. We can’t get a good job, and we have no voice in government. Our share remains the only slave labor,” says Samuel. He makes the bricks.

“Cleaning sewers. And we know that will never get a better job,” says the cleaner of the sewer Floor.

“But we have the Church. This is the place where Christians gather together to worship the Lord Jesus Christ, to sing his praise, to explore His Word. Our country has turned away from us, but God has not left us. Sometimes it’s hard for us. Laws, injustice… Please don’t forget to pray that we can continue to live in fellowship, we saw the joy of the Lord in our lives and that we were diligent in our faith, despite the price,” says Sarah. She works as a maid.

Pray for the persecuted that they were hard and served with joy, as unto the Lord… and pray that we do the same.

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