In Palestine celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Russian compound

Solemn Liturgy on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Russian monastery in Palestine

The only object of the Christian presence in Hebron, said the 150-year anniversary.

A Russian mission in Palestine celebrated the 150th anniversary, reports the website of the Russian ecclesiastical mission in Jerusalem.

The joy of the event came to separate the pilgrims from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The festive Liturgy, which was served in Russian and Arabic, was led by the vicar of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, Bishop of Bogorodsky John.

He stressed the importance of the Holy Land for the people: “This is a sacred place for many generations and generations of people who are still trying to gain a stronghold in his being… the twists and turns were many, but 150 years ago the site managed to get to the pilgrims from Russia and other countries of the canonical territory of the ROC had the opportunity to come here, to pray, to remember the hospitality of Abraham and to fill his heart with goodness of the spirit and neighborliness, which tells us the Scriptures”.

The pilgrims went in procession to the oak of Mamre, where he served a moleben to the Holy Trinity. But about how “the oak tree became a Russian”, said the photo exhibition under the open sky: the Turkish authorities did not want the Gentiles to sell their land, and the purchase of the land was for the translator of the Russian ecclesiastical mission James Khalebi, almost “diplomatic”operation.

Farmstead – the only object of the Christian presence in Hebron. On its territory there are Holy Trinity Cathedral and the Russian ecclesiastical mission in Jerusalem of the Moscow Patriarchate. Several homesteads are built for pilgrims.

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