In Paris arrested an activist disrupted the LGBT flag with the National Assembly building – Your Bible

Activist of the movement “anti-LGBT” was arrested in Paris after he managed to break the rainbow flag from the building of the National Assembly of France, June 30 IA Red Spring.

“Decoration” flag LGBT the National Assembly building ahead in Paris today the “March of pride” of persons with disorders of sexual identification has caused indignation of the rank and file of the French celebrating the “disproportionately massive” propaganda of the ideology of deviance and “sectarism” in the protection of the rights of a minority, reports the Week.
The activist, who is President of the National Assembly, françois de None of (a Republic in March) called “ultra-right” on the evening of 29 June broke the flag to half, after which he was arrested by the Republican guard. Francois de None preparing to bring a case against him, wrote in his Twitter: “I have already said, the national Assembly is decorated with the rainbow flag that is a symbol of our commitment to combat all discrimination, while LGBT opposition not only continues, but grows.” Recall that in France, as in other Western countries, the propaganda of disorders of sexual identification is one of the priorities of domestic and international politics. The totalitarian nature of this ideology is enshrined in the Criminal code.
Stand guard network of LGBT activists, fueled by millions in subsidies from the EU budget. In France, for example, in 2016, Francois Hollande singled out “on the fight against discrimination of LGBT” 1.5 million euros, about 7 million “activists” received from the Council of Europe. A program of LGBT-actions are developed and lobbied UNESCO. At the state level, the LGBT movement is supported by the Ministry of youth, social policy and education. When getting into the elite politician must in some way to show loyalty to the ideology. On 21 June 2018 during the “Celebration of music” at the Elysee Palace, Emmanuel macron has participated in shows and photo shoots with the girls dressed as young men who sang songs of pornographic content and was described as a “pole dancing”. The choice of the presidential Palace to horrified the French action is not accidental, it symbolizes the submission to Western elites about the project of human culture and civilization.

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