In Paris he committed suicide one of the founders of Femen Oksana Shachko

The activist was found dead in his Paris apartment

About suicide activists reported souchrediteli movement Femen.

One of the founders of the movement Femen Oksana Shachko committed suicide in Paris. Information reported on the Telegram channel Paris Burns, who was familiar Shachko. The fact of suicide later in comments to the media confirmed souchrediteli Femen Anna Hutsol, Inna Shevchenko and.

According to Shevchenko, a former Femen activist left a note in English that says: “You’re all fake.”

The specific reason for the suicide Oksana Shachko is not reported. Channel Paris Burns wrote that the activist tried to commit suicide several times. In recent years she lived in France.

In an interview with 2016 Shachko admitted that in the childhood was “a deeply religious child.” According to her, 15 years she has professionally mastered the technique of icon painting, but then left the Church. In a futile spiritual quest she has discovered “activism”, organized in 2008, the movement Femen. Activist organizations are known for their anti-clerical activities and blasphemous actions.

In 2012, half-naked participants of Femen cut down a wooden cross bow that was in the Oktyabrsky Palace in Central Kiev.

In July 2017 the participants movement Femen held a “campaign” against the procession of the UOC, climbing in the Nude on the monument to Prince Vladimir.

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