In Pyatigorsk diocese is a Museum dedicated to the 130th anniversary of Orthodoxy in the Caucasus Mineral Waters region


8 August 2018, in day of memory of Theodosius Caucasian, Archbishop Theophylact of Pyatigorsk and Cherkessk in the intercession Cathedral in the city of Mineralnye Vody (Stavropol Krai) led the celebrations dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the demise and the 20th anniversary of the relics of Saint elders, according to patriarhiei.

During the divine Liturgy his Eminence was assisted by a host of clergy of the diocese of Pyatigorsk. After the service, the Archpastor addressed the faithful with a sermon.

The Abbot of the temple of the Holy spirit village Novosrednenskogo Archpriest Mikhail Krucevo, in connection with the 80th anniversary, Bishop Theophylact was awarded the medal “For work to the benefit of the Pyatigorsk diocese” of the III degree.

Then the Bishop made a doleful litany of the first rector of the Pokrovsky Cathedral, Archpriest Elias Ageev.

As part of the celebrations, the opening of the Church and historical Museum, dedicated to the 130th anniversary of Orthodoxy in the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters. It contains old books, handmade liturgical utensils of the mid-twentieth century, the remnants of the first stages of the Pokrovsky Cathedral, built in the XIX century. Now on this place was built Annunciation Church.

In the framework of cooperation between the Church museums of the diocese the Dean of the parishes in mineralovodskiy Church district Archpriest Alexei Panasenko gave music collections with the signature of sharemarket John (Miroshnikov, +1956), the Abbot of the temple Cossack Pyatigorsk, Beshtaugorsky Storoitelstvo Museum, assumption monastery. Father John stood at the origins of the monastery, founded in the early XX century, was its last rector before closing in 1927, reports the diocesan website.

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