In Pylypets village, the dissenters accused the community of the UOC in an attempt to “capture” the temple

Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary in the village of Pylypets

Loser court of Kyiv Patriarchate accuses Khust eparchy of the UOC in an attempt to “capture” the Church in the village of Pylypets.

Transcarpathian diocese of the Kyiv Patriarchate issued a statement in which he accused the clergy of the diocese of Khust of the Church in that its leadership is planning a “power seizure” of the Church in the village Pylypets intermountain region. In accordance with the publication on the website of the UOC-KP, 8 August 2018, the representatives of the UOC supposedly going to “take over” the temple in honor of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary, a community which continues to assert in the Kyiv Patriarchate, “moved” them from the canonical Church.

The illegal re-registration of communities of the UOC on the cell of the Kyiv Patriarchate, as specified in the Khust diocese, was recognized by the court’s decision a year ago.

“Now, communities of the UOC-KP in Pylypets village is gone, we restored his parish, because he won the court and canceled the re-registration of statutory documents,” explained SPM Secretary of Khust diocese Archpriest John Rozman.

Access to the temple, however, defended its right to exist, the community of the UOC is not received. Here even considered the option of building a new Church, because most parishioners, we recall, remained faithful to the canonical Church, but transition to the UOC-KP made, mainly, only the parish Council.

Given that to give the temple court the losing side is not going, Khust diocese officially appealed to the local village Council requesting permission to serve Liturgy on the specified day – August 8. Local authorities the substance was not, except one – that Kievan “Patriarchate” would be against it.

Because the assets of communities of the UOC there is only a court win for legal registration, to the temple she to approach is not going to, not to provoke conflict in a peaceful, multi-religious Transcarpathia: obstacles to the use of its property must also be removed by court decision.

“Our region brings together many religions and faiths, and we are saving the world, acting only in accord with the law and ethics of tolerant communication”, – said the Secretary of the diocese of Khust.

In 2016, the Lviv administrative court of appeal acknowledged that last year the Transcarpathian regional state administration illegally re-registered the Charter of the communities of the UOC of the Kyiv Patriarchate.

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