In record time, the Christians helped the island of Lombok

A series of powerful earthquakes took the lives of hundreds of Indonesians and left thousands homeless on the island of Lombok. In just a few hours after the tragedy, the Indonesian team Ministry CBN’s “Operation blessing” was already in place providing aid to the victims.

The first earthquake was a 6.9 points on the Richter scale. But after a few days, the people of Lombok have experienced 2 terrible blow. In addition to the dead and wounded, at least 20 thousand people remained without a roof over your head.
Lombok island is located near Bali’s popular resort. It is located in the Eastern part of the country, on the edge of the Pacific ring of fire.

Regional Director of CBN in South Asia mark McClendon led the operation. He says that people are afraid of new earthquakes.

“The total damage from the three earthquakes has resulted in tens of thousands of people prefer to sleep on the street. No one wants to sleep at home. Now the largest hospital of the island is full. Many patients are in the Parking lot in tents. That was the situation facing doctors and nurses “Operation blessing”, which came to provide medical assistance,” says McClendon.

The staff were shocked when they found out how many people in the village of Karang Anur in desperate need of medical care. Third earthquake destroyed almost all the houses in the village, injuring many residents. Now the whole village is sleeping on the street. But the team of “Operation blessing” brought doctors and medicines, but also hope.

“I suffered a lot because nobody wanted to provide medical assistance to my village. Then I went in search of assistance. I am very grateful for the team who came today to our village,” says a man named Bori, who suffered from the earthquake. He came to the camp “Operation blessing” for help. And immediately got it.

The McClendon argues that more aid along the way.

“More medical teams, blankets, food, water, tents. We’re doing everything we can to ease the suffering of these people on the island of Lombok,” he says.

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