In Russia, will reward opposed to abortion


At the Congress of Commissioners for children’s rights in the CCRF 11 December 2018, has launched yet another project in defense of the unborn.

Social activists proposed to introduce the year of the unborn child and to reward leaders who oppose abortion.

This award is aimed to motivate people to speak out about what they speak in defense of life against abortion. “This prize will be awarded to those with drive, each in their field, be it politics, community, medicine, business, journalism or art, which does not hesitate to say are in defense of life, in favour of the most vulnerable Russians, who have to defend their own mother, but, unfortunately, the principles of good and evil in society has changed and now we have to talk about it from the highest bleachers,” – says Natalya Moskvitina , Director General of the Foundation “Women for life”

The initiative was supported by the Ombudsman for children under the President of the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova. “Children’s lives are saved – what could be more complete and valuable task of protecting children,” commented Anna.

As a reward to be awarded the badge of white gold with the imprint of children’s hands and the words “Keep a man”. The award is associating the value of a child’s life.



“Women for life” Fund to support women in a situation of reproductive choice. Provides comprehensive assistance to pregnant women in difficult situations. The Foundation has taken the initiative to install a monument to unborn children, to introduce a national system of crisis centers for pregnant women , and also to pay wages to mothers of large families.

Excerpts from the prize Regulations :

The purpose and objectives of the Awards:

The Purpose Of The Awards:

  • Increase public recognition of citizens in the protection of children before birth, attracting the attention of the General public and public authorities of the Russian Federation to abortion, protection of family, motherhood and children’s lives before birth.
  • Task Rewards:

  • The identification and promotion of individuals making a significant personal contribution to the development of public institution protecting life before birth;
  • The creation of additional forms of support and promotion of an active civil society;
  • Informing the Russian public about the existing problems in the sphere of protection of children before birth and motherhood in General.
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