In Rybinsk diocese held celebrations on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the Reverend Theodore Sanaksar


1-2 October 2018 in Rybinsk diocese celebrated the 300th anniversary of the birth of Reverend Theodore Sanaksar, reports patriarhiei.

1 Oct first worship service was held at a chapel in the village of Burnakovo in the Rybinsk district of the Yaroslavl region — in the birthplace of the Reverend Theodore Sanaksar and his famous nephew of Saint righteous warrior Feodor Ushakov. The service was officiated by the Governor of the Nativity of the Theotokos Sanaksar monastery in the city of Temnikov of the Republic of Mordovia Archimandrite Innokenty (Rudenko) in concelebration of the clergy of the diocese of Rybinsk.

On 2 October, the day of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Reverend Theodore Sanaksar, the divine Liturgy at the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral of Rybinsk headed by the Bishop of Rybinsk and St. Benjamin.

His grace was co-served by Archimandrite Innokenty (Rudenko), Rybinsk clergy of the diocese.

Sermon before communion said a cleric of ascension-Georgievskogo khrama g. Rybinsk Archpriest Igor Petrov spoke about the spiritual heritage of St. Theodore.


Bishop Benjamin in his speech to the audience said, what about the Reverend Theodore Sanaksar is known not so much: “We know a lot about the Holy righteous warrior Theodore Ushakov and much less — about his uncle, the Reverend Theodore Sanaksar. And it is this Holy and put faith in God to his nephew, who from a very young age growing up in the Orthodox tradition. And that’s the life of Theodore Sanaksar our Holy countryman, teaches us that unwavering faith in God, which must be passed on from generation to generation.”

Members of the clergy Rybinsk diocese also congratulated Vladyka Benjamin’s birthday.

On the same day in the library and information center “rainbow” in the city of Rybinsk has passed conference “the Monk Theodore Sanaksar. Milestones of the life path”, on which the inhabitants of Rybinsk and guests had the opportunity to learn more about the life of the Saint.

According to the materials of Rybinsk diocese

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