In S. Hnizdychne Ternopil oblast community of the UOC defends its right to the temple

Voting in the village Hnizdychne

13 Jan 2019 Orthodox community of the UOC of the village Hnizdychne Zbarazh district had to defend their right to pray in their own Holy-Transfiguration Cathedral.

In the village Hnizdychne Zbarazh district, Ternopil region to the faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has to defend their right to pray at the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral, which belongs to the community of the UOC. At the moment, a sharp conflict in the village, numerical community of the UOC and the proponents of the “transition” in the PCU is approximately equal with a slight advantage of the latter. As the correspondent of the SPM, at the moment, until the villagers agreed to serve in turn: in the morning the temple will go to the community of the UOC with the Dean, the Secretary of the Ternopil diocese, Archpriest Stefan Balan, they will serve as supporters of the DNC.

“Yet we managed to agree that the capture of the temple will not. After our service they are going to bring to the village Bishop, DNC, former Archbishop of the UOC-KP Nestor. We hope that the conflict will not develop; today, on our side there were about 50 parishioners of the community of the UOC, opponents gathered more than 70 of those who came to the temple,” said father Stephan.

According to him, to divide the assets the community can not, additional space, which could leave one of the parties in the village. Before to assert their claim to the temple, the supporters of the DNC gathered in Hnizdychne signatures in his support – according to them, around 400. In General, the villagers are set up indifferently, in the same way they subscribed, and in support of the community of the UOC, because I have nothing against the priest: Archpriest Stefan, only beating a third of the village gathered 150 signatures.

While local authorities do not exacerbate the conflict. In the community of the UOC noted that the opponents, arguing for “transition”, broadcast propaganda, which in recent years they are continuously treated media. However, the catalyst for the incident is, of course, the actions of the Patriarchate of Constantinople: from words to deeds in Hnizdychne not passed.

The SPM monitors the development of events.

We will remind, on January 12, the community of the village of Lukashivka in Vinnytsia region refused to go to ptsu. On 10 January the authorities had failed to organise the “translation” of the community of the UOC in ptsu in Dunajec village in the Sumy region.


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