In some gene broke down and now She is sick always

Seven-year-old Ksenia sick twice a month: bronchitis, sinusitis, and various respiratory diseases and complications caused by them… she placed a rough diagnosis, but the real reason of her condition, no one knows. The doctors prescribed a complex genetic test to determine the disease and to find treatment. But Kushina mother cannot pay for costly study.

Ksenia Kosenkov

  • To close the “gap” in the spine is possible, but the treatment is worth half a million
  • “You’re crazy. You are forced to have an abortion!” – said the doctor
  • “We watched with horror, but believe that it should be done” – after the remission of the most severe bouts of back
  • “Don’t you worry, it is not the same as before” – mother came out of intensive care and began to cry

First, just got sick, but now is never healthy

Ksenia was a healthy and cheerful girl. In 3 years I went to kindergarten. Was ill with cancer no more often than other children. But in September of 2016 was having problems with the respiratory system. At first She was just sick: runny nose, cough, high temperature. In the district hospital she was diagnosed with acute bronchitis and prescribed antibiotics. She recovered, but after a month everything was repeated over pneumonia.

Since the child is sick, incessantly: that purulent rhinosinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia. Xenia is almost never healthy. Several times a year he and my mom are in the hospital, where the girl take the edge off the condition. But to find a treatment that would allow the Xenia to fully recover after the next exacerbation and strengthen the immune system, the doctors can’t.

In the children’s hospital. Speransky her every month and do transfusion of immunoglobulins to suppress aggressive microflora. It helps only for a short time, the disease again returned. Doctors have suggested that the reason the immunodeficiency. However, tests (the immunity) did not show strong deviations.Xenia is very lively, sociable, inquisitive. She loves to dance and draw. In September, She had to go to the first class. In between diseases she was trying to go to a preparatory class in a special mask, so as not to catch a viral infection from other children. Xenia really wants to play with peers, going to a regular school. But still the only way out for her is homeschooling. My mom bypassed playgrounds side, avoid areas of concentrations of people, from the doctor’s office immediately run home.

In some gene was broken

“A lot of money is spent on medication, you have to make three or four drugs a day, – says Natalya. – She decorated a disability, many drugs she laid for free, but they are not always in stock. Then you have to buy them for money. I’m not working, because all the time I treat a daughter. Xuxin dad doesn’t live with us and does not help financially”.

Perhaps the reason Kusinich disease genetic. As soon as possible she needs to do polnochnoe sequencing to precisely define what gene there was a “failure”. The study is 95 000 rubles. For Casinoi mom is a huge amount. Let’s help her to treat Ksenia. And then she will go to school like all normal children. And my mother, an economist by training, come to work. And everything will become much easier.

Fund “Pravmir” helps people with unknown diagnoses to perform an expensive genetic studies to accurately determine the disease and, as consequence, to adequate treatment. Help can you by donating any amount, or make a regular monthly donation of 100, 300, 500 rubles and more.

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