In Spain police arrested of the Germans, called the “the sermon” panic in the subway

The metro in Valencia

According to eyewitnesses, a group of men chanting slogans such as “you will burn in hell” and “we all die”.

In Valencia, the police arrested street preachers from Germany after they caused a panic in the train station, shouting the phrase “you’ll burn in hell.” About it writes The Christian Post.

The Supreme court of Valencia declared that nine citizens of Germany were arrested for public disorder, as their “preaching” led to a stampede in which a young woman received a leg injury.

Published in YouTube the video you can see that young people by means of a loudspeaker began to denounce the passengers, accusing them that they are “full of alcohol, drugs, and sin.” Also, the preachers shouted: “you will all die”, “you’ll burn in hell.” Some of the passengers took action as a threat, in the car began to panic.

Because of the commotion in the car the driver had to stop the train and call the police.

It is reported that on Sunday the court upheld offenders in custody and set bail in the amount of 13 approximately $ 900 for the nine men.

The detainees called themselves Evangelical Christians.


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