In St. Petersburg hosted the intercession prom


11 November in the Catherine hall of the Tauride Palace gathered 500 students from 26 leading universities of St. Petersburg. The organizer of autumn intercession of the ball is the Association for the promotion of moral and spiritual education “Pokrov” (Executive Director — rector of the Smolny Cathedral FR. Peter Mukhin) with the support of Committee on youth policy and interaction with public organizations of St. Petersburg government and the Public chamber of St. Petersburg.

Association Cover organizes three student ball annually. Tatarynsky ball – January 25, the commemoration day of patron Saint of students, Saint Martyr Tatiana, the Victory Ball and fall intercession ball. This ball – 32-th, organized by the Association “Cover” for the students of the city.

The theme of autumn intercession ball 2018 – mercy. As accurately noted by one of the speakers of rectors, the ball is not just a beautiful outfits. This creation, honoring traditions, and culture relations of men and women, which means compassion and mercy.

About the importance of love and mercy beautifully said in his greeting, Executive Director of the Association “Pokrov”, the Dean of the temples of higher education institutions, the rector of the resurrection Smolny Cathedral, Archpriest Peter Mukhin:

“Everyone is looking for happiness and joy. And the basis for them is given, when the heart comes love. It’s not just the ability to find the joy of communication, open to the other person, but to find a place for virtue, for service, for that our lives were such grounds, so we could give more, creating a virtue. If we do good, then happiness will be not only a kind wish. Then we will receive the strength of spirit, faith, love.”


University presidents from the Association “Pokrov”, welcoming the participants of the ball, found them warm and wise words. In particular, academician of RAS, rector of St. Petersburg state Polytechnic University Peter the Great A. I. rudskoy said:

“One great man said, “If our life wasn’t beautiful moments, that may protect it would not make sense”. Today one of the most wonderful moments of your life — this wonderful ball. Enjoy, enjoy the country, home city, home institution – happiness and success to you in life.”


The Chairman of the Petersburg Parliament Viacheslav Serafimovich Makarov said that the holding of the intercession of the ball has already become a good tradition in our city:

“Today in this great hall of the Tauride Palace extraordinary energy of youth, beauty, youth real drive and the most positive emotions. Our city is rightly proud of the best universities and the best students. Here are gathered the most active, talented and motivated young men and women. This is a real holiday of youth and charm, a celebration of people who love their country, love our city-hero of Leningrad, the city of St. Peter the Apostle – St. Petersburg. Your goal – to make our homeland, our Russia, as in all times, been a country of winners, a world power with a technologically advanced economy with a higher purpose. Pokrovsky ball – this is a demonstration of our unity, appreciation, respect and love each other. Wish you happiness, joy and good luck.”

The dance part of the ball, consisting of three offices, was preceded by the student’s statement on mutual aid and moral choice based on the works of Daniil Granin. As preparations for the ball began long before his dance workshops where the students not only learned the skill of ballroom dance and has studied etiquette and able to stay and socialize in a unique atmosphere of sublime feelings of classic ball.

Photo: Interparliamentary Assembly of States — participants of the CIS

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