In Staraya Ladoga restored the frescoes of the Church of St. George


In Staraya Ladoga restore ancient frescoes. The local St. George Church is one of the oldest churches of Russia. Experts attribute it to the XII century. The same era preserved fragments of murals. Restore them with all solicitude.

Places of incredible beauty. At majestic Volkhov once was a road from the Varangians to the Greeks, arose on the banks of the Finno-Ugric settlement Aldeigjuborg. In the XII century, Christianity had only just begun their journey across Russia. And here, in the Poconos, the Orthodox Church of St. George.

Made of brick, with limestone walls covered with plaster. And the painting, which is nearly a thousand years. The faces of the saints and simple ornaments, the paintings were all the walls and vaults, but most of the works were lost, and remaining with the greatest care restaurerede. A whole set of different kinds of medical scalpels. In fact, it’s neurosurgery. The smallest movement, the frescoes are not restaurerede and treated. The main idea is to save, not to make like new. Ancient walls, even doing an injection to a plaster layer was cut from limestone. The solution is based on organic adhesive being pushed into the voids. What the Cathedral was once particularly well illustrated at the top.


Above the domes of the Church. And here, at the dome, ‒ the traditional story of the XII century. Raising his eyes, the believers saw Christ surrounded by archangels. And face each written with incredible skill for the time. These masters were subject to any emotion, any part of clothing. George these masters were subject to any emotion, any part of clothing. From George develops a cloak, the tail of a horse in the node, and the body covered with a coat of mail. Written 900 years ago and with some finesse.

“Any artist working in fresco painting, must be able to perform in the wet. It very clearly read when fresco plaster dries, it is impossible to draw,” ‒ said Deputy head of the Northwest Directorate for construction, reconstruction and restoration Rosalia Saikhowa.

Restoration of antique painting is almost finished. Together quiet Volkhov, Staraya Ladoga wall and the Church of St. George with frescoes as an illustration of the three hundred years of the life of Ancient Russia.

According to the materials of the TV channel “Culture”
Text: Ekaterina Fesenko

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