In Staritsa will be the second educational festival

Photo: Konstantin Benediktov

From 9 to 12 August 2018 in the city of Staritsa in Tver region will be held the second educational festival, reports patriarhiei.

In may 2015 on the basis of the Church post-graduate and doctoral studies of saints Methodius and Cyril were the first training courses for photographers diocesan information services (supervisor courses — Konstantin Benediktov). Upon completion of the course, the organizers received a lot of positive feedback from the participants and wishes to continue this initiative.

Creative Association “Feofania”,, Staritsa assumption monastery, the Foundation of “Orthodox initiative” (the operator of the festival) has joined forces with the aim of preparation and conduct of the Staritskogo of the festival, which is a continuation of this initiative and made it possible to efficiently develop the idea of photographic education in the Russian Orthodox Church.

In July 2016, was the first staritskiy festival, the speakers of which were leading local photographers and participants, the staff of the information departments of the dioceses, monasteries and churches of the Russian Orthodox Church. The festival became a unique platform where experienced authors shared their secrets with budding photographers looking for their way in the Church photos, Christian art and Orthodox media.

Another festival in Staritsa will allow participants to gain knowledge in the field of history and theory of photography, learn about the main directions of contemporary photography, the principles that underpin photojournalism, the role and place of images in contemporary media. Rich practical part of the program will enable the participants to acquire or improve the skills of photography, selection of material, preparation and compilation of publications of different formats — from news illustration to exhibition projects, to master the skills of photoreactor etc.

In the program of the festival master-classes and creative meetings with famous Russian photographers. Will be portfolio review, premieres and film screenings on the classics of Russian photography, sharing photography. According to the results of joint work will be prepared for exhibitions and publications in Church and secular media.

The festival will be held the presentation:

  • special projects portal “the First week” and “Last week”;
  • the album and eponymous exhibition “Russian North” (photographer Georgy Kolosov);
  • photo album “PROGRESS”, dedicated to the Velikoretsky procession of the cross (photographer Aleksey Myakishev).

During the event there will also be a selection of works (series of stories) about the life of the Orthodox community. The best series will be published on the website “the Russian Church in photos”.

Speakers at the festival:

  • priest Igor Palkin, head of photo Department of the Press service of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia;
  • Georgy Kolosov, Russian photographer, theorist and philosopher of art;
  • Alexei Myakishev, a Russian photographer;
  • Trapesin Sergei, a Russian documentary photographer;
  • Anna Danilochkina, a Russian documentary photographer;
  • Yaroslav Amelin, Russian landscape photographer;
  • Mikhail Moiseyev, chief editor of the portal, curator of special projects “the First week — the Last week”;
  • Konstantin Benediktov, collector of photography, exhibition curator, photographer, Director of the festival.

Organizational fee for participants is 10 000 rubles (includes accommodation and meals).

Contacts of organizing Committee: phone +7 (985) 301-49-47, e-mail [email protected]. Website of the festival in Facebook

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