In Strasbourg, has consecrated the Church of All saints

Worship in the Church of All saints in the day of his consecration

For the construction of the stavropegic Church of the Russian Orthodox Church means sacrificing the people around the world, including those who do not profess Christianity.

23 December 2018, in Strasbourg, the Bishop of Korsun Nestor performed the rite of consecration of a small stavropegic Church of All saints, the official site of the new temple.

After the consecration in the new Church, which seats 300 people, made the first Liturgy.

For the parishioners of the Church consecration was a special occasion because its construction lasted 5 years.

4 Dec 2013 on the waste land began the construction of the stavropegic Church and the spiritual and cultural center. The city of Strasbourg gave the community land for building a long-term lease for a period of 99 years.

All work on the construction was through donations from the residents of different countries, the names of each of the donor and clerics of the Church made in the parish book of remembrance “Mite”. About each of the nearly 1000 supporters are praying.

“Supporters of the construction became not only our parishioners, but people from different countries of the world. A large part of the donations came from Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany. But there were also remittances from the United States, Canada, Poland, UK and even Japan. Would also like to stress that among the contributors there are a lot of French, which may not be Orthodox, but with love and paid attention to the construction of our temple,” said the Abbot of the Church of All saints Abbot Philip.

The temple was built under the project of Russian and French architects, and K. opola, cross and tent brought from Russia.

Recall, 24 December 2018 in Tulchinskiy diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church consecrated a temple in honor of icon of mother of God “inexhaustible Chalice”.

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