In Sumy held a procession with the wonderworking Korsun icon of the mother of God

The procession with the Korsun icon of the virgin

A list of the wonderworking Korsun icon called “Prozrenie”, carried around the historical centre of the city.

22 Oct in the Sumy diocese, was held the traditional procession from Korsun (shpylivs’ka) icon of the Mother of God called “Prozrenie”. About it reports a press-service of the Sumy diocese.

In the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral celebrated the divine Liturgy, after which the faithful and clergy went out with a miraculous list around the historic center of Sumy. Believers proceeded from the Cathedral to the square, and then – on the Embankment of Bags and Hands moved to the Ilyinskaya Church. Prayer rally ended on Pokrovskaya square in the chapel on the ruins of the Pokrovsky temple.

Shpylivs’ka icon of the Mother of God, also referred to as “Prozrenie” – revered list of the Korsun Mother of God icon. Since the 18th century the icon was situated in Shpilevski Pokrovsky temple. Since 1859 annually in day events, October 9, the icon was solemnly transferred to the Transfiguration Cathedral in Sumy city and remained there for the winter, and in the third day of Easter the icon was returned to S. Shpylivka. After the revolution the icon was removed from the temple and placed in the art Museum. During a fire that occurred in the 1930-ies in the Museum, the icon miraculously was not injured. This case made employees of the Museum a lasting impression, they decided to return the Holy image in the temple. Because of the intercession Shpilevskaya the Church was already destroyed, the icon was transferred to the Transfiguration Cathedral in Sumy.

In 1995 he resumed the interrupted tradition of processions with the miraculous icon.

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