In Tbilisi restorers save the temple of the XIII century

The Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos in Tbilisi

The restorers completed the second phase of works on restoration of Metekhi, Holy assumption Church.

Ended the restoration of the facade stone walls Metekhi Church of assumption of virgin Mary, reported in Facebook, the National Agency for the protection of cultural heritage of Georgia.

Restoration work was directed by famous Italian specialist Stefano Volta and Georgian Professor Nana Kuprashvili. Under their early professional restorers-conservators and students of Tbilisi state art Academy. A. Kutateladze filled the cracks and hollows of the Western wall of the temple.

To work used a mixture of Sicilian sand with different materials which blend in with the building.

Had to remove and traces of the previous restoration, which was carried out with the help of cement. Old stone layer experts scraped off the tongs and hammer, since the restoration of the architectural monuments of this type “do not use any pneumatic or automatic tools.”

The next stage of restoration works planned for 2019.

Holy assumption Church belongs to the Georgian Orthodox Church and is considered the hallmark of Tbilisi. Historians suggest that the first Church on the site, the architects had erected in the V century during the reign of Vakhtang Gorgasali. Later in the Church of the Holy Shushanik was buried.

The first written mention of the Holy Dormition Church belongs to the XII century. If you believe the legend, it prayed Queen Tamara. In 1235 the Church was destroyed by the Mongols, but in 1278-1289 years during the reign of Dmitry II Samopozhertvovanie the Shrine is fully rebuilt, which is known contemporaries.

In Soviet times, the Church staged the youth experimental theatre. The scene was placed under a cupola in the center of the building, the auditorium could accommodate up to 100 people.

Below the temple was returned to the Georgian Church, Zviad Gamsakhurdia went on hunger strike. In 1988, the government fulfilled its requirement.

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