In the 77 th anniversary of the Nazi blockade of Leningrad, the delegation of the diocese of St. Petersburg laid a wreath at Piskarevsky


September 8, 2018, in the 77 th anniversary of the Nazi blockade in St. Petersburg prayer commemorated. This day in 1941 around the city closed the ring of the enemy siege, reports patriarhiei.

According to tradition, at the Piskarevskoe memorial cemetery held a wreath-laying ceremony and flowers. The delegation of the St. Petersburg diocese, led by Bishop Markell of Tsarskoye Selo laid to the monument of the Motherland wreath. At the granite wall with the inscription “Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten”, the clergy sang “Eternal memory” to the victims.

The ceremony was attended by Plenipotentiary representative of Russian President in the northwestern Federal district Alexander Beglov, Governor Georgy Poltavchenko and members of the city government, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov and city deputies, representatives of the authorities of the Leningrad region, veterans and residents of besieged city.

In all the churches of the city after the divine Liturgy, commemoration of the dead “from wounds, hunger and coldness”. A memorial Liturgy was celebrated in the temple of All saints resplendent in the Russian land, in the Moscow Victory Park. This place is inextricably linked to the blockade, many citizens traditionally come here to remember loved ones.

The siege continued until 27 January 1944. During this time the city had issued about 170 thousand shells and bombs, the number of deaths from shelling, hunger and cold was 700 thousand people. During the defense and liberation of the city killed 2 million soldiers.

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