In the Andrei Rublev Museum opened the exhibition “the Banners of the XVII century”

From 24 August to 21 September in the Museum named PRP. Andrei Rublev, an exhibition dedicated to the banners – military and Church banners that are in front of the solemn marches and processions, according to the “”.

In Russia the tradition of making embroidered banners with images of Christ, the virgin, various saints and scenes of Sacred history came from Byzantium. Each temple was supposed to set of two banners, and on two sides of a composition consistent with the initiations of the temple of thrones. This set of bilateral embroidered banners of the XVII century, stored in the collection of the Museum of Andrei Rublev, will be presented at the exhibition to a wide audience.

Extreme conditions of existence banners were carried in the processions, often lasting several days, in any weather – are the reason that till our time remained very little. In the XIX century ancient monuments were often renewed, carefully preserving the authentic embroidery and using in the restoration of fragments of old fabrics and sewing. Such careful restored, preserving the appearance of ancient monuments, were held and banners from the Museum’s collection.

In terms of artistic features of the standard are defined as monuments of the Moscow pictorial embroidery of the XVII century. Despite the fact that their origin is unknown, a unique selection of embroidered stories allows you to associate these monuments with the Moscow Alekseevsky monastery, which enjoyed the special attention and care of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.

The press preview will be held on August 24 at 15.00.

Accreditation: 495 678 14 89; 495 678 11 23;

Museum address: Moscow, Andronievskaya sq., 10 the.

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