In the Argentine Mar del Plata, an exhibition of Regal strastoterpets


In the library of the municipality of Mar del Plata (Argentina) opened an exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the murder of the Royal Romanov family. The exhibition was attended by the members of the local Orthodox community, residents and visitors.


The exhibition acquainted visitors with the life of the Royal family and for many Argentines first lit up this page in the history of Russia. A lasting impression photos on the younger generation of parishioners: they took a fresh look at the Holy martyrs and with interest looked into the faces of their peers, so vividly looking at the pictures, but the dearly departed into eternity.


The Argentines asked a lot of questions on the history of Russia and the identity of the Emperor Nicholas.


The exhibition will be held in other cities of Latin America.

The memory of Tsar Martyr must live in the hearts of the younger generation.

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