In the Arkhangelsk region will take place the sanctification of Posterscope temple complex of the XVIII century after the restoration

Pojizerski temple complex. Photo Of Constantine Kokoshkina

One of the key events in the life of the Kenozersky national Park, Arkhangelsk region in 2018 will be the solemn opening and consecration after years of restoration, the masterpiece of Russian wooden architecture of Posterscope temple complex of the XVIII century, according to the Park’s website. The event will take place on August 12 on the eve of the patronal feast of the Origin Fair drev Kresta Gospodnja.

Despite the status of the object of cultural heritage of Federal importance, by the beginning of 1980-ies of the two churches and the bell tower of Posterscope churchyard were in poor condition. In the mid 1980-ies on the initiative of the Arkhangelsk regional Department of culture underwent a partial restoration and conservation works of the student group “Atheist”. And only in 2001 the Kenozero national Park was able to resume the restoration of the ensemble. Financing of works was carried out by the Directorate for cultural heritage Norway and the Ministry of culture of Russia. In 2002, Russian and Norwegian experts for the first time in Russia, implemented a unique operaciumo lifting 200-ton tent Church of the Origin Fair drev, with the help of technology of lifting and replacement of crowns in the body of the monument, without it rolling. Before 2009 managed to produce a number of necessary works. In 2008-2009 was recreated lost the fence around the temple complex on the basis of rare photos of Ivan Bilibin taken in 1903.

Photo of Ivan Bilibin, 1903

Unfortunately, the restoration work due to lack of funding has stretched on for many years. Their completion was made possible thanks to the personal support of the President of Russia V. V. Putina of the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation. Along with the reconstruction of the external appearance of the buildings in the churchyard were restored and the interiors of churches: iconostasis and a unique “heaven” — vivid examples of monumental painting — just two sets in one temple. In the bell tower and the refectory will host the exhibition “Pojizerski the churchyard. History, architecture, parish.”

Heaven in a tent Church of Posterscope temple complex. Photo Of Constantine Kokoshkina

And now, after many years of huge and magnificent complex, located on a high ridge between two lakes, is again clearly distinguished from the background of the Northern sky, and the sound of bells, as centuries ago, spread over the Kenozero district.

Top view of the ensemble of Posterscope churchyard. Photo By Igor Shpilenok

For the opening ceremony and consecration of the temple complex invited a number of top Russian guests. The event will take place the concert of the choir of the Valaam monastery, a concert of bell ringing and press-tour of Federal and regional media. It is very important that the festival will bring together local residents, for whom the revival of their Shrine will be a real Event and heartfelt celebration.
Opening Posterscope temple ensemble will demonstrate the integrated conservation of tangible and intangible culture of the Russian North, interagency and intergovernmental cooperation, the unity of the natural and cultural heritage.

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