In the Austrian capital, an attack on a Catholic Church

In the interests of the investigation the police did not disclose details of the incident.

In the Abbey of Maria Immaculata on the Northern outskirts of Vienna broke in two unknown, eyewitnesses reported about shooting in the temple.

An armed attack on a Catholic Church in the Austrian capital occurred on the evening of December 27. According to preliminary data, have suffered five priests, reports Euronews.

“About five people were tied, they gagged their mouths. We can absolutely exclude a terrorist act, other motives remains to be seen,” said a police spokesman Harald Series.

Priests held hostage for several hours. The most likely motive of the attack police believe was a robbery, but details of the incident are not disclosed in the interests of the investigation.

The police and security forces are searching for the criminals. In a message posted on the official website of the police Department of Vienna, on Twitter, said that criminals may hide inside the temple or in the adjoining buildings and hold hostages.

“Since we are talking about a large complex of buildings, at present it cannot be excluded that the criminals or victims are still in the building. The crime scene is cordoned off, it searched our colleagues”, – told the police.

As reported by SPM, at the beginning of December in the Vienna Cathedral St. Stephen’s was held rock concert, which in its form is very reminiscent of the action with elements of Satanism. The event, which was held in the framework of the International day against AIDS, blessed, Archbishop of Vienna and Primate of the Catholic Church of Austria cardinal Christoph Schoenborn.

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