In the Catholic Cathedral of Moscow hosted the annual prayer for Christian unity

On January 23 of this year at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the blessed virgin Mary in Moscow hosted the annual prayer for unity, bringing together Christians of different denominations. This year it is dedicated to the theme: “Truth, truth seek”.

In the beginning of the service said that the unity between Jesus and the Father is a model of unity for all believers, — reported the press service of Roshi. Bishop Konstantin Bendas said that if he had appealed to a secular audience, it would probably be boasted as Christians do a lot of common things, such as organizing an interfaith football tournament or voluntary blood donation.

“But when we talk to each other, they must say something else: we are doing too little for unity.” The priest also emphasized that Sacred Scripture speaks of fellowship between Christians as the victim. “Let’s see, are we paying some price, communicating with other people. Are we ready to make the step to those people that we sincerely do not want to communicate.” In conclusion, the Deputy head Roshi stressed that unity is very important and each of us has to sacrifice something for the sake of unity.

Antiochian Orthodox Church was represented by Metropolitan Nifon filippopolsky, the Russian Orthodox Church DECR staff member, priest Alexy Dikarev, Orthodox Church of the Czech lands and Slovakia, Archimandrite. Seraphim (Shemyatovsky), the Armenian Apostolic Church — FR. Harutyun Kirakosyan. Also pray for the unity took part in the Canon of the Church of England Malcolm Rogers, pastor Artis Petersons (Lutheran Church), pastor Vladyslav V. Vovk (Evangelical Christian Baptists) and the Apostolic Nuncio to the Russian Federation Archbishop Celestino Migliore. The service was also attended by the Deputy head of Department for relations with religious organizations of the Department of national policy and interregional relations of the city of Moscow Anton Ignatenko.

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