In the cave of the PDP. Tryphon in Norway, we set the icon of the blessed virgin


For Orthodoxy on the Kola Peninsula last week marked a significant event. In accordance with the agreements reached in the past year, the diocese of North sea together with Norwegian side was set the icon of the blessed virgin Mary in the cave of the monk Trifon of Pechenga, located in the cliff opposite M. Elvenes at the entrance to the Pasvik‑fjord, 1 km to the North-West of the town of Kirkenes (Norway), the website of the diocese of North sea.

This cave is the place of solitary prayer, the monk Tryphon of Pechenga is the most revered place for the local population and for visitors and pilgrims. Since ancient times, this prayer area was a cave temple with the icon of the virgin and, at the initiative of the diocese of North sea, this year it was decided to place the icon in the cave, and subsequently mounted on the entrance plaque with the image of the PDP. Tryphon and the inscription in two languages, Norwegian and Russian.

A delegation of North sea diocese headed by the Bishop of North sea and Umbsky Mitrofan. He was accompanied by: Secretary of the diocesan administration Archpriest Alexander Kozachuk, the Governor of the Trifonov Pechengsky monastery Abbot David (Dubinin), stonachalniki Boris and Gleb monastery, the monk Dositheos (Belin). The Norwegian side was represented by the mayor of the commune Sør-Varanger rune Rafaelsen. Also among the organizers of the event this day was the Consul General of Russia in Kirkenes, Sergey V. Shatunovsky-Buren. The participants to the event on the boats under the name “Trifon” and”Boris and Gleb” was organized by Hans Hetler.


After the official part was followed by informal communication of Bishop Mitrophan with Mr. Rafaelsen during which they discussed future joint projects designed to strengthen the arisen friendly communications and to promote the veneration of Orthodox shrines in the territory of Norway.

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