In the center of Moscow found the ruins demolished in the early XX century temple


Archaeological monitoring was carried out during the landscaping of the Park in the Tver region. The Foundation of the monastery Church of the Three Hierarchs, parts of its walls and altar screen, as well as other artifacts found at the site of the former summer theatre, reported on the website of the municipality.

The Moscow’s Department recognized the ruins of the monastery Church in the former convent of all who sorrow in Moscow Park of the identified object of cultural heritage. Now they are under state protection.

The Church was built in the late XIX — early XX century on the territory of all who sorrow convent by architect Peter Vinogradov (1858-1910). The Church was demolished in the 30-ies of the last century. From construction residues formed a five-foot hill on which was located a brick-paved dance floor. In the post-war period it gave the bandstand, where he held parties for children. Part of the hardwood flooring has been preserved to our days.

“The archaeologists were aware that in place of the hill once stood the Church of the Three Hierarchs, but they did not know its exact localization. A professionals only building projects of the temple. As in Soviet times, the Park is often performed chores, archeologists had to do complicated analysis to determine what finds belong to the time of existence of the monastery. We found the structural elements of the building. For example, the support post and part of the altar screen. Special archaeological interest is a surviving part of the wall of the Church with a fragment of mosaic, on which the outlines of the veiled angel wings”, — said the head of the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow Alexey Emelyanov.


As said the head of Department of cultural heritage, archaeological study of the monastery Church continues. On the site of the demolished temple also found a piece of metal fittings doors, tiles, bricks with stamps, coin 20 kopeks 1880 and metal pectoral cross. After studying all the finds will be transferred to the Moscow museums.

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