In the center of Odessa passed Easter reconstruction

April 7 in the center of Odessa the Christians held the annual Easter reconstruction.

For the sixth year of the Odessa national Church pleases the citizens of bright Easter ideas. As told to the correspondent GOD.NEWS the organizers, this time the project was more ambitious.

Easter reconstruction filled the Deribasovskaya street. The main scenes were: “Betrayal and the remorse of Judas”, “the Court of Pilate”, “the Mourning mother of Jesus, Crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.”

In the presentation took part more than 300 people from around the world. In addition, the formulation may join passers-by. For those wishing the organizers a bright costume.

“The main task of re is to recall that the input in these festive days the most important thing is not to leave the city or go to a restaurant and eat. The main thing – to remember what happened two thousand years ago, what were the events of those times. So, if the moment someone thought about it, then maybe he is now, watching this production will feel the peculiarity of this day and may want to change their lives”, — Sergey played the role of one of the warriors, the organizer of the pride parade.

Easter Reconstruction ended with a festive worship in the heart of Odessa. On the main stage of the city sounded known of all Easter hymns and Psalms, as well as festive a word from the pastor of the Odessa national Church Dennis Serdichenko.

“I first took part in such event and had a lot of fun. I think that if invited again, I will take part. I also think it is very important to hold such events, because this story is over two thousand years, but human nature does not change. Representation of all these important historical events is a good opportunity to reach many hearts and guide them on the right path,” Alexander, performer of the role of Barabbas on the Passover Reconstruction.

Ekaterina Makarova, specially for GOD.NEWS

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