In the Chinese Buddhist temple, visitors will be welcomed by a robot-monk

The monks themselves believe that science does not contradict religion

The robot can ask a hundred different questions and he will answer as he “taught” the other monks.

In Beijing, a Buddhist temple Longquan began “serving” robot-monk named Xian er, reports TechCrunch.

The main task of the robot to welcome visitors, primarily children. To interact with it through touch screen, placed on his stomach. The robot can ask a hundred different questions that he will answer sayings famous Buddhist teachers.

“Here is the combination of religion and science, noted “real” monk of the temple Longquan master Xanthan. – This proves that the study of Buddhism cannot be set against, but on the contrary, they are perfectly combined and complement each other.”

Earlier, the Japanese company funeral services Nissei Eco has released a robot that can perform Buddhist funeral rites.


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