In the Church called for reconciliation of the parties in cases of insulting the feelings of believers


Deputy Chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media urged to create the conditions for the termination of cases concerning insults the feelings of believers, in connection with reconciliation of the parties.

“Article 148 of the Criminal code protects the dignity of believers from humiliation by someone else, and its existence fully meets the internationally recognized goal of protecting the rights of citizens on religious grounds”, — said the representative of the Church.

“However, religious people and the Orthodox public organization, for filing a complaint pursuant to article 148, can’t put any purpose other than the recognition of the people, allowing the abuse of sanctuary, for his guilt,” he explained.

“If a person against whom an investigation according to article 148, admit guilt, regret mockery of the Shrine, then every believer is called to request the termination of criminal prosecution and to seek dismissal in accordance with article 25 of the Criminal procedure code (“Reconciliation”)”, — said the Deputy Chairman of Department on interrelations of the Church with society and the media.

“We urge investigators, judges and applicants who consider themselves Orthodox believers, to the majority, and preferably all proceedings for insulting the feelings of believers was the reconciliation of the parties”, — concluded V. V. Kipshidze.

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