In the Church of the assumption in Meletovo completed the first phase of restoration works


In the Church of the assumption in Meletovo completed the first phase of restoration work, the TV channel “Culture”. This is the only surviving monument of the Pskov monumental painting of the XV century with unique wall paintings and subjects, which have no parallel in Byzantine and medieval Russian art.

The six-winged Seraphim, Moses and Aaron, 1465. In Russia the time of wars and struggle against heresies. The temple, built at the crossroads of all roads: Moscow, Novgorod, Riga. 25 kilometers from Pskov. Malitowski the famous frescoes of the period of greatest prosperity of the Pskov school of monumental painting. Stored in accordance with Museum standards. At a temperature of 14 degrees and humidity of 50%. Emergency emergency response work of the restorers of painting held a year ago. Strengthened the paint layer and the crinoline fragments of frescoes.

“Our monument is watching very carefully the customer of works. We managed to stabilize the situation”, – says chief curator of monumental painting of the Pskov state Museum-reserve Taisiya Kruglova.

A lot of churches, like the Dormition of the virgin in Meletovo – one, said restorer and artist Adolf Nikolaevich Ovchinnikov, author of the reconstruction of the iconographic program of the murals malitowski.

“It is a miracle, and how to say it. Why Meletovo was more fortunate than other churches? But because this is an era strange, not only Pskov, but also for the entire Russia. The monastery is sometimes done such a wide step that you can take a monument and it will characterize the entire spiritual atmosphere of this most terrible century,” explains Adolf Ovchinnikov, artist-restorer of the GRC them. I. E. Grabar, the Explorer of ancient art.

Rain and snow this winter the most problematic areas of the Church of the assumption will be protected by special teplyaki. They are installed on the outer walls of the monument. Do not allow moisture to penetrate into the cracks and ruin them.

“The next year, until November 30, the Museum-reserve is preparing the applications for fully implementing the restoration work at the facility in the amount of 40 million and continue the restoration of paintings”, – said Elena Yakovleva, the Chairman of the state Committee of the Pskov region for the protection of cultural heritage.

Conducted research, prepared project estimates and architectural restoration. Work will begin in the spring. More than fifty percent of the painting has survived. But much obscured by whitewash, of the inscriptions read, transcribed stories, not all. Of the many discoveries ahead.

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