In the Church the hospital of St. Alexis sanctified day cancer hospital

The Bishop of Orekhovo-Zuevo Panteleimon consecrated the oncological day hospital of the hospital of St. Alexius

On September 22 the Chairman of the Synodal Department for charity, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the hospital of St. Alexius, Bishop of Orekhovo-Zuevo Panteleimon performed the rite of consecration oncological day hospital at the hospital of St. Alexis, according to Diakonia. The consecration was attended by the chief doctor, head of Department of a day hospital, the medical staff and hospital patients. In the day hospital with free treatment, including chemotherapy, can take up to 20 people a day. The hospital plans – the opening hour of the Oncology hospital.

“This day hospital is part of the Oncology service of our hospital that the last few years we are developing, – said the Director of the Central clinical hospital of St. Alexis the Metropolitan of Moscow Alexei Zaroff. – For patients with cancer we had and outpatient palliative care in hospital and field service. And now we have prepared a day hospital where patients can receive chemotherapy. People faced with cancer experience severe emotional experience and especially need spiritual support. Therefore, the presence of cancer services in the Church hospital is very important.”

The medical staff of the hospital of St. Alexis the celebration day cancer Stazione

Day hospital is designed for patients who can come for treatment. “If the person after administration of the drug feels more or less okay, he doesn’t have to stay in the hospital. For these patients, day hospital – serious help. In Moscow and throughout Russia, these hospitals do not have enough,” said the oncologist, head of Department of a day hospital Igor Myslices.

Head of Department of a day hospital oncologist Igor Myslices

Chemotherapy in the Oncology day hospital will be able to get 15-20 people a day. The hospital has hired two additional nurses who have the skills to chemotherapy. When you increase the number of patients staff will be expanded.

The hospital plans – the creation of day-hospital in which patients can receive chemotherapy, designed for several days. At the opening of the hospital in the hospital will be a full-fledged cancer care in the chemotherapeutic profile.

Central clinical hospital of St. Alexis the Metropolitan of Moscow is a multi – profile medical institution for 275 seats. It is the largest medical institution of the Russian Orthodox Church. In the hospital being treated not only Muscovites but also people from other regions of Russia, regardless of their religious affiliation. For all patients examination and treatment are free of charge.

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