In the Church with attention to the results of the examinations of the Royal remains



The Chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media V. Legoida, commenting on the message of Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation on the results of regular examinations to establish the authenticity of the Royal remains, said that they are considered by the Church.

“We are following the news about the confirmation of the molecular-genetic examinations of the remains discovered belonging to the former Emperor Nicholas II, his family and persons from their environment,” — said the representative of the Church.

“We thank the staff of the Investigative Committee and experts responsible for the works, the atmosphere of openness and mutual understanding, in which the examination is being conducted”, — said V. Legoida.

He also added that after the two re-medical Commission (anthropology), Avtozavodskoy and the historical archives of forensic examinations in a criminal case, on which is spoken in the message of Investigatory Committee, the results of the work will be transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church for further consideration.

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