In the churches of the diocese of Zaporizhzhya held a festive family Day

In the Zaporozhye diocese held celebrations for the entire family

Energodar in the parishes of the deanery have organized competitions and sports competitions.

On the day of the Holy Prince Peter and Princess Febronia in the churches of the diocese of Zaporizhzhya held a festive event, reports the website of the diocese of the UOC.

In the temple in honor of icon of mother of God “Support to the humble” holiday family prepared a concert family songs. For children organized play program. Everyone could take part in the competition for the best drawing with chalk on the pavement.

In the Church of St. Luke of Crimea on this day, organized a sports family event. In the course of the relay, the parents with their children demonstrated the simultaneous and the strength of the relationship. In addition, special drawings with the animals made the photo zone, where each memory could make a photo. The event was finished by blowing bubbles.

July 8, the Church celebrates the memory of the Holy Nobleborn Prince. Peter and kN. Fevronia. It is also considered the Day of Orthodox family.

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