In the Crimea will rebuild the temple, destroyed by the earthquake


The Church of the ascension in Livadia, which was destroyed about 100 years ago in the earthquake on the southern coast of the Crimea, to restore, RIA Novosti reported citing information policy Department of the administration of Yalta.

Official laying of the Foundation of the temple with a message for future generations of believers was held on Tuesday. The ceremony was attended by Metropolitan of Simferopol and Crimea Lazar and head of the city administration Alexey Chelpanov. The Church will be built as a monument to the 100th anniversary of the tragic death of the Royal family.


“This temple is not just another contribution to the glorification of the Royal family, but will also become the banner of the revival of our Motherland and the symbol of the triumph of historical memory,” said Metropolitan Lazar.

Metropolitan spent on the site of the Church the solemn service.

“The builders have already completed all the required strengthening work, and completed a zero cycle of works – constructed concrete Foundation of the future temple,” the message reads.


The Church of the ascension in the South coast village of Livadia was built by the architect Alphonse Vincent in 1876 with the support of Empress Maria Alexandrovna. The temple was the stronghold of the Orthodox faith until 1927, when the Crimea was hit by an earthquake.


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