In the dioceses of the UOC held prayer services at the beginning of the school year

Metropolitan of Dnepropetrovsk and Pavlograd Irenaeus visited the school at the assumption Cathedral of the Dnieper

In the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on 1 and 2 September 2018 was made prayers for the health of pupils and teachers.

The priests blessed the students for training and held a charity event, according to Information-enlightenment Department of the UOC.

Metropolitan of Dnepropetrovsk and Pavlograd Irenaeus September 1 on the occasion of the knowledge Day, attended secondary school at assumption Cathedral of the Dnieper. The celebration began with a prayer service at the beginning of the new school year. The Lord blessed and encouraged children to love God, to obey teachers and parents, because obedience is the beginning of improvement. Teachers and parents, he is reminded that any thing to do with the love of God, then it will be a remarkable result.

26 Aug Archbishop of Berdyansk and the Primorsky Ephraim made a prayer for teachers and students. On the eve of the new academic year, the same prayer was made in all the churches of the diocese of Berdyansk.

The ringing of bells, a procession, prayer service and blessing with the sprinkling of Holy water accompanied the children to school in Vladimir-Volyn diocese. Also, according to the press Secretary of the diocese Archpriest Vladimir Rovinsky, children have prepared gifts, creative sweets and heartfelt wishes.

On the eve of the knowledge Day prayer service-blessing students at the beginning of the new school year gathered in the temple complex Pochayiv icon of the Mother of God in Kovel about 300 children.

After the prayer service was held processions around the Church grounds. Ahead, under the festive ringing of bells, were children and young people, followed by priests, parents and all who came to share in the feast. After the joint prayer “At the beginning of the school year,” the priests blessed the students, sprinkled with Holy water and gave them gifts.

In Kremenchug diocese, in the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary in Lubny, according to tradition held a prayer service for the health of all students and teachers. The Abbot of the temple Archpriest John, Karmazenko each gave advice. Disciples – do not be lazy, because then it will be difficult to catch up, to cultivate perseverance, diligence, desire to know more and be able. Parents – to be supportive of their children, together with children to go the way of the school life of their children, to try to understand their problems and to be tolerant. The teachers – patience, inspiration and understanding from parents, children. To school for children is a home and school community – a big family. The priest blessed everyone and gave pupils and students of prayer for the learning, “our father” and guardian angel.

Prayers were offered for the students and teachers, and in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk dioceses. Archbishop of Lviv and Halych Filaret, acting administrator of the Ivano-Frankivsk diocese, made 1 September a special prayer at the beginning of the new academic year, after the divine Liturgy in the Cathedral of the Nativity in Ivano-Frankivsk. The Archbishop congratulated the children and teachers with the beginning of the new academic year and wished all success and wisdom of the spiritual.

September 2, at Epiphany Cathedral of Gorlovka after a late divine Liturgy moleben for students and teachers was performed by the Metropolitan Gorlovka and Slavic Mitrophan. In the diocese are reminded of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God “Addition of mind”. Turning to her for help in teaching, liberation from mental diseases, the enlightenment of thoughts.

Moleben for the beginning of study 2 September, he made Metropolitan of Luhansk and Alchevsk Mitrophan in the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral. The Archbishop congratulated the teachers, students and pupils with the beginning of the school year and wished them success in their studies and gave his archpastoral blessing.

In the Alexandrian diocese the Day of knowledge was marked by a charity event. The Abbot of the temple in honour of Archangel Michael in the village of Sokolivka hieromonk Nicanor blessed for the education of children and gave them the gift of a school uniform. The support and participation of local Orthodox parish life in low-income families is very relevant.

On 2 September the Archbishop of Severodonetsk and Starobelsk Nicodemus led the prayer service at the beginning of the school year at the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ. The clergy and parishioners asked God’s grace: for students to perceive the teaching to the teachers to invest the beginning of reason and morality in the souls of those who come to visit them. Upon completion of the moleben, Metropolitan Nicodemus called for teachers, students, and their parents remember the basic truth: “it is Very important in the modern world to be educated, successful, but above all we must always be a person to the people around us didn’t cry from this scholarship. The Church is the same school who teach us good citizens. Parents, in turn, should raise children not for ourselves, otherwise we will lose them, and for society.”

The Rovenky and Sverdlovsk Archbishop Panteleimon visited the local comprehensive school № 12. The Archbishop congratulated the teachers and schoolchildren from 1 September, said the welcome speech on the occasion of the knowledge Day, said a prayer before beginning and sprinkled Holy water on the students. Concluding the event, the Archbishop spoke with students and wished them God’s help and the intercession of saints and called to all blessing of the Lord.

In the Poltava diocese after the prayer for the health of pupils and teachers, the rector of Holy Trinity Cathedral in the village of Dikanka Archpriest Evgeny Poltavets blessed the children before the new school year and gave each stationery and stationery.

Metropolitan Zaporizhia and Melitopol Luka on the eve of Day of knowledge took part in the solemn dedication to the students of the Zaporozhye medical University. The Archbishop congratulated those who chose the way of the doctor, with the beginning of the school year and blessed.

In his welcoming remarks, the Bishop encouraged the students to study in the classroom, “to continue in medical practice you could avoid mistakes that can cost human life. You have no right and ability to say at the bedside: “I was not taught, didn’t know the subject.” The price of your incompetence is too high. May your hands always be strong, the conscience pure, and a heart continually flaming”.

In the Zaporozhye diocese has become a tradition in the monastery of the PDP. Sava was Consecrated on the 1st of September to conduct prayer services on students. These days arrive in the community, students, pupils and parents with young children to get the blessing of the Church at the beginning of the school year.

The priests of the diocese of Kirovohrad blessed to training and wished God’s blessings and success in creative scientific activity to the students of Kirovohrad medical College and pupils of the specialized school №1 onward. “The school is not only a treasure house of knowledge, is the cradle of values, learning who we learn to be human. Looking into the mysteries of the world as detailed in the book, we learn to look at ourselves and realize how in tune with the law laid down by God in the human person, the laws of love, which is life of all nature,” said Archpriest Alexander Badion.

The clergy of the diocese of Konotop on the eve of Day of knowledge also made a prayer before the beginning of the school year. After the prayer service, Church superiors sprinkled Holy water on the children, blessed by hard training and gave icons. Students of Shostka social center with the blessing of Archbishop of Konotop and Glukhov Novel, was handed over 16 sets of school uniforms and sweets.

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