In the Dnepropetrovsk diocese will improve the healing spring

Water from the spring has healing properties

The rector of the Church in the village for almost two years sought the improvement of this place for the convenience of pilgrims and tourists.

A spring from which water has healing properties, is located on a high hill in the Pavlograd district near the village of Novaya Rus, according to the “th Express”.

The locals call it “spring”. Take the healing water there go the people not only from Pavlograd and nearby localities, and even from the neighboring Kharkiv region.

“A medical source in our village has a great healing power and it never freezes. The project source will get a second wind and will be a highlight for visitors and residents of the village,” – says Valentina Goncharenko, the elder villages of New Russia, Green, marevka and head of the initiative group of the project-the winner of contest “community of hands”.

Spring was revived after started caring Church community of the New Russia. Residents of the village as he could have arranged a Holy place: restored log at the source below, dug a deep pit, put concrete rings, had the pipe out of the well in the well.

And now a tasty cold water flows from the well into the well through this pipe. Next set up a table and cross. The villagers say that parents did healed this water boy.

Managing Dnepropetrovsk diocese of the UOC Metropolitan of Dnepropetrovsk and Pavlograd Irenaeus blessed to work for improvement of this source and call it in honor of the great Martyr and healer Panteleimon.

The village of Novaya Rus is located approximately 40 miles from Pavlohrad.

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