In the estate Museum of Suvorov opened the exhibition “Alexander Suvorov and Orthodoxy”


August 1, in the narthex of the Church of Alexander Nevsky on the territory of the Museum-estate of A.V. Suvorov in the village between konchanskoye, the branch of the Novgorod Museum reserve opened an exhibition “Alexander Suvorov and Orthodoxy,” according to the website “Museums of Russia”.

In a small, out of the fourteen items, the exhibition contains evidence of the spiritual aspirations of the great commander. Visitors will see books of XVIII – early XIX century religious content, pectoral and four-point officer “For the outstanding courage” crosses, photographs and watercolours V. Tambovtseva, “the Church in the village Spiny”, a wooden statue of the venerable Nile Stalinskogo.

A. V. Suvorov has always had a high morality, mercy, charity, love of truth, chastity were virtues that adorned him. None of the battles did not start without prayer, and the celebration of victories – without a thank-you prayer. He strictly observed fasts, well-known rite of the Church service, he read and sang in the choir during the service, he built temples.

The Church has always been a special concern of the commander. Arriving at the estate between konchanskoye in 1784, Alexander commanded part of the quitrent of money to be spent on construction Konchanskoe and Sapinski churches.

Kochanska house, the wooden Church was consecrated in honor of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in 1789. She was very simple in architecture, the bell tower had not, and 4 small bell was located under a canopy next to the Church. When he was in the village, the commander “he Krylos sang and “Apostle” have read”, he rang the bell. According to existing data, “Suvorov originally the Church consisted of the altar, the middle part and the front oblong”.

In 1900. konchansky the Church was moved to Saint Petersburg and installed on the Transfiguration of the parade ground. In 1925. was dismantled, “as not having architectural and historical value.” The history of the Church tells the photos from the collections of the Museum-estate and the holdings of the Central state archive of audiovisual documents.

During konchanskoe links on the Desk in the office of the commander was lying open a volume of music of D. S. Bortnyansky in the morning Suvorov “an hour or two took spiritual chants”. Knew a Church service. The Bible, the Akathist to the great Martyr Barbara, “Commentary on the Psalms”, “the collected sermons for Sundays and holidays” – these books were among the relics konchanskoe Church.

Spiny in the village, in 4 km from Conestogo, by order of A. V. Suvorov, was built a large, beautiful stone Church, consecrated in honor of the Holy Trinity after the death of the commander. The iconostasis of the temple was a “copy of the iconostasis of the Church of the Winter Palace”. Extant temple currently being restored.

In December 1798 A. V. Suvorov decided to become a monk. In the petition to the Emperor Pavel Petrovich he wrote from Konchanskoe: “Derzhavnyi Great Monarch! Your Imperial Majesty most humbly beg you to allow me to serve in nilavu Novgorod desert, where I intend to end my brief days in the service of God. Our Saviour sinless one. Pomyslnosci my forgive, merciful Lord. Most humble of the faithful servant of God, Count Alexander Suvorov Rymniksky”. But received no response. But a few months later received the Imperial rescript appointing him to the campaign in Europe against the French. The field Marshal led a prayer service in the Church and went his last military campaign in Italy and the Alps, towards the world.

The exhibition will last till August 8.

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