In the frontal Marinka – city of the Donetsk region, on 30 March 2016, an unprecedented event took place. In the village, who has two years is one of the “hot spots” on the map of the military conflict in Eastern Ukraine, Christians opened a mini-bakery of bakery products. In the future, there will be baked daily to 2.5 thousand loaves of bread, which will be sold at competitive prices, and the needy to be distributed for free. Working capacity of the bakery will satisfy 80% of needs of the city in bread. The project is funded by Mission Eurasia (Eurasia Mission) with the support of Christian organizations from Czech Republic, Ukraine and other countries.

“Look and wonder of the Lord, says the pastor of the Church, project coordinator Oleg Tkachenko. — All very harmonious work. View: flour from the Czech Republic, yeast from Turkey, money from Canada, a good heart, from the entire territory of Ukraine joined together to here in this town, there was a hope for peace and goodness to creation. Flour mixed with water, added yeast for me it’s like the birth of a new life.”

“When we heard that the people here are in need of a small bakery, we realized that we want to help. — says Director of “Mission Eurasia” in Canada Nikolay Tishchenko. — We organized an event where donors donated funds, and these funds have been forwarded here. And the result is what you see today. I am very glad to see the bread, and I can’t wait to try it.”

“I believe that along with the preaching of the gospel to give the people bread is a very big blessing. The challenges of this time responded to very many Christians, and thus replenished and the needs of the people and, of course, we look much further. We say that we need to help people, and that pain was healed, and needs replenished. But the most important thing for people to think about eternity”, — says Anatoly Bloodless, Bishop of the Evangelical churches in the Donetsk and Lugansk region.

In Marinka, still under fire, the bakery is the only investment in the development of the industry over the past two years. For residents it is not only fresh bread and jobs, but also new hope for a peaceful future.

“This is a landmark event. The only city we didn’t open something that reminds you of life, — said at the opening ceremony of a bakery, the pastor of Church “Good News” (Slavyansk) Peter Dudnik. — We are here today to give physical bread and preach the spiritual bread that will change the East. Here is the first step or one of steps says that the city is reborn.”

Several hundred residents of Marinka came to the opening of the bakery. They do not hide the joy of this event.

“We took the bread at the bakery, and mom gave it to me. It smells delicious, soft,” says the boy Maxim, holding a loaf of bread.

“Well, of course you need a bakery in town. Because everything is imported, your bakery is broken. What he did is a great thing,” says the man, who came to the festival with friends and family.

“We buy our, Mar, bread. Why do we have some other bread, if we Mar to eat?”, — picks up his friend.

“God forbid, that on the table was bread, salt and water. And we will survive! And come to the world! And then all we’ll gain. Thank you for the bread, it is the most important thing!”, — says Victoria.

“Thank you very much that you opened this bakery. We are very happy!”, — says Olga, telling that the bread in Marinka bring

“I’m grateful, everyone knows, what does-everyone knows, what does grateful! Hi you Lord to keep usih,” the old woman laments Olga.

This bakery is just the first step. The plans of the philanthropists — the development in front-line cities business projects that will create jobs and rebuild the infrastructure of the region.

“Marinka always been famous for its delicious bread, and I hope that these traditions will continue. Most importantly, the people together with bread get a warm shower. For example, today, I think we will life to stabilize, to improve, to return the peace in our towns and villages. And people will come back (to the city), and to return to civilian life. We would all very much like!”, — said Vladimir Suharev, Deputy head of the Maryinsky district administration.

“Marinka was not just a bakery — the residents of Marinka returns to the hope that love them, think about them, care about them. It is more than bread. It is a faith that will live, and everyone else will change”. — sums up the event, pastor, TV presenter Sergey Demidovich.

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